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Staffing and Management

American English French Restaurant Manager Restaurant Manager Senior Captain Restaurant Supervisor Maitre de Hotel Captain Head waiter Chef de rang Steward/Stewardess Waiter/Waitress Commis de rang Bus Boy Assistant waiter/Waitress Commis de barasseur Trainee Apprentice Trainee commis Bartender Barman Bartender/Barman Hostess Reception Headwaiter Receptionist Wine waiter Wine Butler Sommelier                  Staffing and Management Restaurant manager: - He/ She is responsible for the commercial viability of the restaurant. He/ She is given a sales target by the owner and employs measures to achieve those revenue figures by active external sales; in house selling; upselling; good services; hygiene and sanitation standards; and making sure that guests pay their bills. The restaurant manager must have

What do you mean by Hospitality?

Define Hospitality? Hospitality is defined as taking care of your guests and anticipating their needs. What are the responsibilities of the Kitchen Department in a Hotel? The responsibility of the Kitchen department in a Hotel is to cook and provide meal for the guests. The kitchen department should ensure that all the food is safe for consumption before serving. Name 3 key players in the hospitality industry? 1.     The Guest (Tourism or Local person) 2.     The service Provider (Restaurant/Hotel) 3.     The server => You What is a Hotel? A Hotel is an establishment that provides accommodation and also usually meals and other services for travelers and other paying guests. Types of Hotels:- Business Hotels :- These Hotels are the largest group of hotel types and they primarily cater to business travelers and usually located in downtown or business districts. Although Business hotels primarily serve business travelers, many tour group


Ka nu duhtak sentet atanga min chawilian a vawiin ni min thlen tir a, tun huna min dah tu ka tan i va hlu em. Vawiin mothers day hian chibai ka buk che a,mahse i hlimthla hnenah buk a ngai tasi. I kephah vuan a happy mothers day ti a chibai buk che ka van chak tak em. En teh nu vawiin hian mi dang te chuan an fate hnen atang pangpar mawi leh duhsakna thilpek an dawng mawlhmawlh  a, mahse dawng ve turin nang chu i awm tawh silo a, i van duai bik ani traw, Hrehawm tak tuar a i hrin, i fa i chawmsei len te hnen atanga hmangaih let ve hun phut a i theihtawp i chhuahna chu a thlawn ta si a, i ngaihtuah thin i fa te he lei ram khawhar i chhuah san dawn thleng a i mittui hnam kha ka mit ah hian ala cham reng asin, a hrehawm ang tiraw nu theih chu nise i fa te tan dam kum hlun kha i thlang ngei anga mhse lei dan ani miau si,i van duai bik ani tiraw nu? Mahse maw nang chauh i vanduai lo a,nang chu hrehawm awm tawh lohna ah leh rilru hah tawh lohna hmunah i awm tawh a, nu nang chu van