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One day I went out of my House. Every person was busied, no one not caring me but that’s not my hope. I saw that the road that’s also busy too, how many Motor was running on the road I couldn’t count. But we don’t know what will be happen in tomorrow, every people were happy that day, all shop and restaurant staff had not enough for that day. At another place many people were playing games, girls also flirting but they don’t know the next day will be happen. In that day tears there only in the heaven not the world. In the whole day the city was boring and noising but we cannot criticise because of every person doing for living they had   work. Who want to criticise no one .   At the midnight the city was silent suddenly why because the people were   rest for the next day. At the next day morning I look around at the window I had not seen one people also. I asked myself what happened this city, yesterday was too busy. Imagine the killer was killed all people? No, can


                                              , K um 2020 kawl a ni chhuak chu a mawi kher mai,Van dumpawl in pharh duai hnuai ah chuan,van rang chhum pawh a leng delh delh a,kawr ruam leh tlangte pawh chu a lang mawi kher mai,chungleng sava te pawh chuan an mawina zawng zawng nen zing ni chhuak chu an lawm a,Mu vanlai leh murva te pawh,chu ni thiang tak hnuai ah chuan an zang phar der der a,lei a hringmi te pawh,chu kumthar nithar chu lawmin Pathian fak nan theihtawp an chhuah theuh a. H un a liam a,zan a ral a,kum thar ruai chuan tin zai relin,Sawrkar pisa   leh Skul te pawh an kai tawh a,mitin mai chuan mahni hna tul leh eizawnna chu an zawm leh hlawm tawh a,chutiang bawkin mahni ram pawh a,awm hleithei lo ram pawn a hnathawk te leh Zirna bei tute chuan mahni hmun lam panin mittui nen a chhungte vai liam in hmalam beiseina nen ram chu an chhuah   san a. U angpui chang lo se zoram in hmel thar   leh hmasawnna a hmu zel a,kum tinin ram pawna hnathawk leh zirmi te chuan Pun